2021 Luxuries 4 seater Kia Carnival to Rival Lexus LM

Full layout

The current generation Kia Carnival was launched in India last year and has been pretty quick with making a strong image as a premium MPV that is suitable for anyone looking for a more premium experience than a Toyota Innova Crysta but doesn’t want to spend on a Mercedes V-Class. Globally, the current Kia Carnival is on sale in 7-seat, 8-seat, 9-seat and 11-seat variants. However, as per a new report, the next-generation model will be on sale with a luxurious 4-seat layout.

An official from Kia Motors said, “There is a high demand for four-seater carnival among CEOs and corporate executives. “As a result of analyzing the market demand, we decided that the option to select a four-seater option from the time of initial shipment could relieve customer inconvenience.”

According to the automobile industry on the 22nd, Kia Motors decided to add a four-seater model to the new carnival that is scheduled to be released in other asian markets. The carnival, converted into a four-seater, is popular with CEOs. It has a comfortable seat and can be used as a work space.

The next-generation Kia Carnival (codename- Kia KA4) will take on highly luxurious models like the Lexus LM, which is a premium version of the Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire that is on sale in China and some other markets in Asia. Akin to the Lexus LM, the 2021 Kia Carnival will target affluent buyers. Hinting at the 4-seat layout, a source at Kia Motors has revealed “there is a high demand for 4 seater Carnival among CEOs and corporate executives.”

From the looks of it, the 2021 Kia Carnival is in the last stage of development and spy images have revealed that the new model will be sold with three different grille designs, a sleek set of LED headlamps, LED tail lights and a wraparound cockpit that will hold a virtual instrument cluster and a huge touchscreen infotainment system.

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